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Evans County Probate Court

P.O. Box 852

Claxton, Georgia  30417

Phone:  912-739-4080  Fax:  912-739-4077

Darin McCoy, Judge of the Probate Court

Paula P. Todd, Clerk of the Probate Court

About the Probate Court

Probate Courts in Georgia are courts of limited but exclusive jurisdiction over:

  1. the probate of wills and the administration of estates of deceased persons,
  2. the appointment of guardians of the person and property of incapacitated adults,
  3. the appointment of guardians of the property of minors,
  4. the appointment, in certain circumstances, of guardians of the person of minors, and
  5. the commitment for involuntary treatment of persons addicted to drugs or alcohol and/or suffering from mental illness. 

Probate Courts also issue certain licenses and permits and perform certain administrative duties, including the issuance of marriage licenses and firearms permits.
The Probate Judge of Evans County also serves as the County, State, and Federal Election Superintendent and the Custodian of Birth and Death Records (Vital Records).
Many of the procedures filed in the Probate Courts in Georgia are by use of the Georgia Probate Court Standard Forms.  Not all proceedings have a standard form applicable to them.  All Georgia Probate Court Standard Forms are available in each Probate Court.  These forms are also available at, may be downloaded from, and may be compiled on The Georgia Probate Court website:



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